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Fcitx::FcitxIMPage::Private Class Reference

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class  IMModel
class  IMProxyModel

Public Slots

void addIM ()
void availIMSelectionChanged ()
void currentIMCurrentChanged ()
void moveDownIM ()
void moveUpIM ()
void removeIM ()
void save ()
void selectAvailIM (const QModelIndex &index)
void selectCurrentIM (const QModelIndex &index)


void changed ()
void updateIMList (QString selection)

Public Member Functions

void fetchIMList ()
const FcitxIMList & getIMList ()
 Private (QObject *parent)

Public Attributes

KPushButton * addIMButton
KCategorizedView * availIMView
KCategoryDrawerV3 * categoryDrawer
QListView * currentIMView
KLineEdit * filterTextEdit
KPushButton * moveDownButton
KPushButton * moveUpButton
KPushButton * removeIMButton

Private Attributes

QDBusConnection m_connection
org::fcitx::Fcitx::InputMethod * m_inputmethod
FcitxIMList m_list

Detailed Description

Definition at line 15 of file FcitxIMPage_p.h.

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